Nemerever Vineyards is located in Oakville, California.  We have six acres planted on both hillside and alluvial vineyard blocks. We make 100% Cabernet Sauvignon wines, estate grown, produced and bottled.

An unsolicited commentary...


I've been simultaneously blessed and spoiled to enjoy some 80s and 90s Bordeaux over the past few years.  After which, it's very difficult to "turn back" to the New World!  I've really come to appreciate and desire that aged, nuanced, Old World profile.

With all of that said, your wines have impressed me as being old world in style and soul (at least to my palate), while truly representing your terroir.  The polar opposite of some of the highly extracted, overly alcoholic fruit bombs seen from some of your neighbors!  I love the subtlety and contemplative nature of the structure of your wines.  -- A loyal consumer